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Our in-depth, virtual, self-paced courses are designed to empower you to chase your dreams of travelling the world, telling impactful stories, and transforming your life and career in the process.

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About the creator

Shivya is a passionate traveller, award-winning writer and bestselling author. In 2011, she quit her full-time job to pursue her dream of travelling the world, and gradually gave up her apartment, sold most of her belongings, and began living out of two bags. She has spent time in 60+ countries, and funds her adventures primarily through Instagram and her travel blog. Her journey has been featured by BBC Travel, National Geographic Traveller, The Washington Post and other leading publications.


In-depth videos and course material

Practical strategies and mindset to set you up for success as a travel storyteller.

10+ years of experience

Learn from Shivya, who has been widely recognized as a successful travel storyteller for over 10 years.

Interactive learning

Ask questions and network with fellow students in a monthly live session with Shivya.

At your own pace

Access pre-recorded course content based on your own schedule.

Strong community

Join a community of creators to find new collaboration and sharing opportunities.

Travel opportunities

Exclusive barter and paid travel opportunities for course students / alumni.

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course | Get Paid to Travel the World With Purpose

Get Paid to Travel the World With Purpose

11 modules



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